As we roll into 2021 small businesses across Canada are often being faced with unbelievable challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic has a tight grip on our country, and no one can escape its reach. Some organizations have been forced to scale back their operations to cope with the significant reductions in business activity caused by rotating lockdowns. Others have had to adapt to new business processes as their teams have been forced to work from their home offices, living rooms and basements.

As we enter our 25th year in operation the Armada I.T. team is gratified that we have earned the trust of business owners and decision makers.

We are committed to providing our customers with thoughtful, professional IT services. Listening to your requirements, understanding your challenges, and recommending the best, most effective solutions will always be at the forefront of our business approach.

Improving your operational effectiveness by leveraging technological solutions, while safeguarding your intellectual property and the privacy of your entire team will remain our top priority now and in the future.

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