A weak Wi-Fi signal can be frustrating, but there are several tricks to boost your signal and improve your internet experience:

  1. Update your routers firmware: Router firmware updates often include bug fixes, performance improvements and security updates. All of which can help improve your connection.
  2. Relocate your router to a central location. Try elevating your router if its on the ground and moving it away form walls.
  3. Using a Wi-Fi extender, these devices can boost the Wi-Fi signal. Try placing them halfway between your router and the area that you want the signal to be stronger in.
  4. Change your Wi-Fi channel, channels can often become congested especially in Urban areas. You can switch you channel by going to your routers homepage by typing in your IP address, entering you credentials and looking for an option labeled, “frequency”, “channel”, or “channel width”.
  5. Reboot your router! Similarly to restarting your computer you’d be surprised what a quick reboot can do, this is also vital if you have done any of the above steps.