Keyboard shortcuts can revolutionize your Excel workflow, reducing your dependence on the mouse. Let’s look at a few of these shortcuts that will accelerate your work rate and enhance efficiency.

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  1. Navigating your spreadsheet: Use “Ctrl + Arrow key” to jump to the end of a data region in any direction. “Ctrl + Home” will take you back to the top left cell (A1), while “Ctrl + End” will take you to the bottom-right corner of your dataset. For page-wise navigation, “Page Up” and “Page Down” can be helpful.
  2. Data Manipulation: When dealing with data, shortcuts like “Ctrl + C” (copy), “Ctrl + V” (paste), “Ctrl + X” (cut), and “Ctrl + Z” (undo) are all immensely useful. To insert or delete a row or column, use “Ctrl + Shift + ‘+'” and “Ctrl + ‘-‘”, respectively. To fill down or up with the same data as the cell above or below, use “Ctrl + D” or “Ctrl + R”.
  3. Formatting and Formulas: “Ctrl + 1” brings up the Format Cells dialog, a gateway to numerous formatting options. For formulas, “F2” allows you to edit the active cell, while “Ctrl + `” switches between displaying cell values and formulas. To auto-sum adjacent cells, “Alt + =” can be a timesaver.

Practice these commands consistently to see a drastic increase in your productivity.

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